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Ride with us through the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains in one of our powerful, smooth-riding Giant TRANCE X E+ PRO 29 full-suspension electric assisted mountain bikes.This bike gives you the freedom to ride trails the way you want to. You can choose full power to ease your pedaling effort or tune it less aggressively to get more of a workout.Smart Assist technology creates smooth pedal assistance that engages instantly when human power is applied, giving you reliable performance on climbs and at low speeds.Your guide will adjust the tour according to riders’ levels and will stop for breaks and photos of the breathtaking scenery.Note that loose rock, gravel, single trail, uphill and downhill might be present.

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private, groups, families
never ride before, i like to see the cenary or i want to go fast we cater all...

Riding e-mountain bike in Malibu, CA

We will adapt the ride in the way that all in the group will have fun, mom going slow dad going fast and the learning how to bike

About to start the ride E-bike Malibu

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refuel before continue the ride at Sycamore canyon riding with malibu bike guide

We will show you the best trails around to go fast our guide is one of the fastest rider in this area.
you can fallow him on Stava.

the bike

little bit of
what the bike
you going to be riding
can do....

Out of shape and still want to ride 20 miles and see the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains,
or in shape and want see and go far as you went before on MTB?
Want to exercises and site scene?
Down hill is your thing?

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Leo Gibson

were we ride

Malibu area Santa Monica Mountains

We meet at:

Point Mugu State Park
9000 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, CA 90265

You will receive more information how to
get there and how to find us ones you book.


Frequently Asked

How this E-MTB works?

Electric mountain bikes have a small motor under the frame where the cranks are. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the motor. The motor only provides power when you are pedaling. It adds power to each of your pedal strokes, so it feels like pedaling a normal bike, except with supercharged legs.

How far we gonna go?

In a easy day we will cover 18 to 20 miles in 3 hours. This cover most of the easy trail and fire roads os the park. All of this distance and time with spare battery for another 10 miles.

How hard is the ride?

Your very experienced and knowledgeable guide will teillor a ride that fits in your ability.
You can expect to learn and improve a lot during your ride.

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