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Originally from Brazil, our main guide Roger the founder of Rock N Rope Adventures, has always been in search of the perfect spot for all his outdoor rock climbing and mountain biking adventures.
Roger’s passion for the sport is so strong that he felt compelled to share his enthusiasm with others. Since 2008, Roger has taught and guided climbers through some of the most inspiring and picturesque sights in California. In addition to his amazing teaching skills, Roger is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Since 2004 in Los Angeles, Roger has also adventured out in mountaineering, snowboarding, motoX, moto velocity, skiing, surfing, kayaking, slacklining, mountain biking, paragliding, and skydiving.
With lots of experiencce and and knowledge riding in the Los Angeles / Malibu area, Roger will tailor a ride that fits your ability, experience and goals.
You can expect to learn and improve a lot during your ride, while having fun!

WFR (Wilderness First Responder)– Founder of Rock n Rope Adventures and Malibu Bike Guide

rogerio ramires rock n rope aventures and malibu bike guide
Roger Ramires founder of rock n rope adventures in point dume ca
rogerio ramires doing wing over in this paraglide
roger ramires in total flow in his TZ250 at Buton willow
G from equinox
E-Mtb from malibu bike guide
Our mission

right balance of
fun and safety

We value your safety and the safety of your friends and family.
We will balance your e-mountain biking experience with the right amount of adventure and fun to make sure that you see all the scenery while using the best safety protocols, and giving you instructions to make your ride safe.